Rod Hatfield (aka Buck Gunn) is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur producing videos, photos and events

for corporate, rock, fashion and art - worldwide.


Rod is a Co-founder of The Now Device and Spaceboat TV in Seattle, WA and serves as the Creative Director

for The Turner Foundation and Hatch New Media in his hometown of Springfield, OH.


Rod earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University while concentrating on cinema and visual language at The Rocky Mountain Film Center and The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied



Rod studied directly with American Masters Gary Snyder, Stan Brakhage, Harry Smith and Don Cherry and he
has worked with clients as varied and prestigious as the United Nations, SFMoMA, VH-1, Microsoft, Motortrend

and XBOX.


Rod has traveled the world many times over and enjoys good music, great golf and long lasting friendships.